Vegan Vegetarian Food Gift Hamper Present Box

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Gift Hampers

An Ultimate Gift Option for that Vegan Friend who loves to snack. Introducing the Ultimate Snacking Box, 20 items in one big snack box. Each Box is packed with 100% Vegan and vegetarian friendly protein snacks for a snack lover. 

The Vegan Snack Box Includes:

1 x Eat Real Hummus Chips
1 x Eat Real Cheezie Straws
1 x Eat Natural Fruit & Nut Bar
1 x Love Raw Chocolate Bar
1 x Rhythm 108 Choco Walnut Brownie
1 x Rhythm 108 Coconut Chocoalte Chip
1 x Seed and Bean Dark Chocolate Orange Bar
1 x Seed and Bean Sea Salt & Lime Bar
1 x Choccy Drops
1 x mini moos Strawberry Berry Bar
1 x Better Coconut Chips
1 x Panda Liquorice Bears Gummies
1 x Kookie Cat Cacao Nibs Walnut Cookie
1 x Mrs Crimbles 6 Choc Macaroons
1 x Creative Nature Carrot Cake Bar

NOTE: Random flavors will be arranged in each basket. Please message us if you have any preferences.
If you have a message you would like to include, please specify your message immediately after your purchase by contacting seller. If no message is received we wll send the box with a blank space for you to fill out the message.

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