TnP Accessories Gym Chalk Ball 60g

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THE ULTIMATE SPORTS GRIPPING CHALK - Whether it be for weight lifting, rock climbing, pole dancing, etc. our gripping chalk will guarantee sweat free, solid grip allowing you to perform the activity with extreme efficiency

PERFECT FOR WEIGHT LIFTING, GYMNASTICS, BODYBUILDING AND MANY MORE ACTIVITIES - Our chalk is highly recommended by industry leaders and top gymnasts, bodybuilders and many other athletes due to our extremely reliable non sweat results

THE ONLY LIQUID CHALK PROVIDING SAFE AND RELIABLE RESULTS EVERY TIME - Unlike many other liquid sports chalks on the market you will find that our gym chalk provides the best, consistent and most reliable results for the user

REVOLUTIONARY SUPER GRIP FORMULA ALLOWING FOR EXTREMELY STRONG GRIP - Our sports chalk has been scientifically designed to provide the best grip on the market, with our pharmaceutical grade chalk users will be able to lift weights and perform various strenuous activities without having to worry about inefficiency.


• Dramatically reduces sweating

• Can improve grip

• May boost your lifting performance

• Enhanced grip perfect for gymnasts, bodybuilders and pole dancers

• The ultimate formula for pharmaceutical grade chalk

• Safe, reliable and consistent results that enhance your grip 100% of the time