Four Sigmatic Superfood 10 Mushroom Blend 60g


Four Sigmatic



One of the most convenient way to consume 10 mushrooms. This bag contains 10 species of different functional mushrooms that are all widely researched.

A wide scale of different mushrooms help support immune function. The Combination of many adaptogenic mushroom species may help with occasional stress. Potency ensured with dual-extracted mushroom fruiting bodies. We use our renowned mushroom fruiting body extracts in this blend.

We perform both hot water and alcohol extraction on our mushrooms, and standardize the final product to have at least 30% polysaccharides (more than 15% beta-glucans) and 2% triterpenes (for chaga and reishi). As always, our pure spray-dried extract powders don't contain any sugars, fillers, or carriers. From the forest farm to your cup. Add 1 teaspoon to your favorite hot drink (coffee or tea) juice, smoothie, sports drink, chocolate, dessert, or basically any recipe.

As the mushrooms are already extracted, the product works the same way in hot or cold drink/food.

You can use the 10 Mushroom Blend any time of the day. Get Creative with Mushroom Matcha with Lion's Mane Mushroom and Ginger. You can drink in the morning to start your day, sip in the afternoon to give your brain a hug, blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture, stir in your favorite natural sweetener or sprinkle on waffles or bake with cookies.

All ingredients, Lion's Mane mushroom, matcha green tea, ginger root and astragalus root are tested against pesticides, mycotoxins, and much more. Mushroom Matcha with Lion's Mane mushroom is organic, vegan and paleo. How to use - Stir with hot water. Add ice to serve chilled. We love a dash of nut milk. And if you prefer, a sweetener of your choice (e.g. monkfruit, honey, stevia). Blend into your daily smoothie. Sprinkle on waffles or bake with cookies. And it tastes especially delicious on top of vegan ice cream


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