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Lyzme 5 Description from EFX Sports. Live The Lean Life With Lyzme 5
Nothing feels better than having a lean, shapely body. You know, the kind that makes everyone else jealous...wishing they could look like you. Little do they know, your amazing energy and "I can do anything" confidence is the result of consistent training and a solid diet combined with Lyzme 5. It's multi-patented (US #9,216,160, South Africa #2014/02990, Canada #2850919), fully tested for purity and potency, and super easy to use. The Lean Life Starts With Science
This latest breakthrough in weight management technology is designed to support the breakdown and conversion of food-derived and stored fats into energy. So it's no wonder you feel more alive. Ready to take on the gym. Ready for anything life throws at you. Lyzme 5 has a unique trimethylated structure that makes it highly important in methyl group metabolism. That's just a fancy way of saying its advanced formula may aid with energy production and utilization within the body.