Animal Rage XL 151g Powder



At Animal, good enough rarely cuts it. They've built a reputation within the bodybuilding industry that encompasses steady improvement and a consistent desire to raise their game. Such a commitment to progress can take many forms, most obvious of which being product reformulation. With products that have such a devoted following, like the iconic Animal Pak, there is a given pause when considering a tweak or update. But for many reasons, the consistent pursuit of excellence is a factor directly linked to the products enduring legacy. In a similar way, changing Animal Rage was met with some trepidation. Why would anyone consider tinkering with something so powerful and effective? Is this just another case of refusing to leave good enough alone? Actually, yes it is. Animal don't want to be good – they want to be the best. Animal Rage, in its original incarnation, was a fantastic product. Bold in its formulation. Unapologetic in its intent. A kick to the side of the head. A jolt of electricity. A catalyst for the most intense training. It was angry, potent; mean it was aptly named. But it wasn't perfect, and it is perfection that Animal strive for. The biggest gripe was perhaps its flavour, as this was previously deemed less important, performance always being prioritised. If flavour was a factor in holding people back from experiencing the full effect of Rage, something had to be done. Animal's mission, therefore, was to re-create the PR crushing efficacy of Rage with an improved flavour profile that pleases hardcore veterans and green newbies alike. With all new flavour systems and an overall more potent performance formula, enter Animal Rage XL! Key Improvements The all new formulation contains four key, constituent blends, delivering a comprehensive and precision measured dose of energy, focus and performance nutrients. Now with smaller scoops, allowing for flexible servings