Animal Stak 21 Packs Capsules


Testosterone Boosters


Animal Stak is a product of Universal Nutrition aimed at helping bodybuilders achieve their goals. Animal Stak combines several stacks to enhance testosterone levels and make sure that the testosterone generated is utilized in the best way.

Testosterone is a primary factor in building muscle, but can be converted into estrogen or DHT, which can cause hair loss. Animal Stak not only promotes the manufacture of testosterone by the body, but also contains estrogen and DHT blockers so that the testosterone is used as it was meant to be used. Along with these hormone enhancements, Animal Stak contains growth hormones to enhance the growth of muscle and the uptake of amino acids, the building blocks of the proteins that make up muscles. Another benefit of Animal Stak are the liver enhancers and the vasodilators that increase the circulation of the hormones.

Animal Stak comes in sets of 21 servings, to be taken once a day followed by a week off.