Animal Whey 135g Powder


Whey Protein

Bodybuilders, weight lifters and pretty much all fitness enthusiasts appreciate the critical role that protein plays as the primary nutrient required for muscle growth and restoration. Serious athletes need to eat protein-rich foods around the clock, with the objective of reaching their daily quota necessary to support an increase in muscle mass, and help them achieve their fitness goals. The constraints of day-to-day life and the inconvenience of strategic food planning and preparation can prove more of a hindrance than a help; not to mention, it’s not always practical to eat at certain times – that’s a lot of chewing! Whey protein powders take the stress out of efficient eating. They help to ensure you’re getting an adequate intake of the muscle-building nutrient, in a delicious shake that’s portable and easy to mix. Introducing Animal Whey – a superior blend of cross flow micro-filtered isolate and ultra-filtrated concentrate, and fortified with papain and bromelain, digestive enzymes said to support gut health and nutrient absorption. It also has an impressive amino acid profile, and tastes amazing! A high quality whey complex that’s designed to boost your muscle building potential and underpin your training efforts.