Atlas Carbo Charge 5kg Powder




Carbohydrates are the fuel that the body uses during high intensity exercise, so taking the right carbohydrate at the right time can significantly improve performance and recovery. Muscle can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates (muscle glycogen) so this needs to be at a maximum before training and more importantly: replaced during and after training. Depleted levels of glycogen and lack of carbohydrates causes fatigue and impairs exercise. It can also cause the body to break down its own tissues for energy! Taking a complex carbohaydrate drink may prevent some of these issues. Take Atlas Carbo-Charge before training to ensure that the blood sugar remains at a good level. Taking sweets, sugar or glucose causes you body to release a hormone, insulin, which can lower blood sugar and lessen energy. Take Atlas Carbo-Charge after training: Research has shown that the replacement of muscle energy glycogen occurs fastest within 45 minutes of finishing your exercise. Atlas Carbo-Charge is a natural unflavoured complex carbohydrate drink that provides energy for high intensity exercise. Ideal for mixing with water, fruit juice or protein drinks.