Boditronics Express Carbs 2.5kg Powder




Ultra high absorption carbohydrate formula

This product is perfect for workout energy, glycogen replacement, and pre-event carbo loading. Express Carbs is a pure and precise blend of fast digesting and sustained release Carbohydrates designed for use in post workout glycogen replenishment , carbohydrate loading and for athletic energy needs.
Express Carbs is an ideal supplement when combined with Boditronics Express Whey to create the optimum post workout shake, refuelling glycogen and halting muscle catabolism fast.
The precise blend of state of the art carbohydrates in Express Carbs when combined with the blend of Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein in Express Whey may deliver superior results than just whey alone post workout. Express Carbs is also ideal for fuelling intense workouts, and tough competitions and matches.
Express Carbs are unflavoured, natural and pure having only a light natural sweetness so can be added to your favourite drinks or shakes