Boditronics Protein Splash Recover EX 1.2kg Powder



Post Workout Recovery

Protein Splash RecoverEX is a state-of-the-art recovery drink. It contains the finest Whey Protein Isolate, glutamine peptides, leucine & phenylanine in research-studied amounts to assist in muscle repair, designed to allow athletes to recover from strenuous exercise faster and more completely than protein alone.Protein Splash RecoverEX contains a specific ratio of complex and simple carbohydrates which helps refuel glycogen levels, which will not only help prepare you for your next workout but may assist in exercise recovery.As Protein Splash RecoverEX is part of Boditronics’ Splash family, it is available in market-leading refreshing juice flavours, rather than heavy milk shake flavours. This means it is light, tasty and easy to consume immediately post strenuous exercise and is formulated not to bloat or sit heavy on the stomach, like some other recovery products.