Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy 300g Powder




Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy is a reworked version of the C4 preworkout that has become the biggest selling preworkout supplement in the world. 

Compared to other versions of C4, C4 Extreme Energy packs more intensity, more energy and greater performance benefits thanks to the high stim ingredient complex included which includes caffeine and theacrine at doses that deliver unprecedented results for Cellucor's benchmark preworkout series.

It is not just a stim cocktail though as Extreme Energy includes the focus enhancing Huperzine A as well as a huge dose of beta-alanine that means if you are looking for a preworkout that enhances muscle endurance (not to mention provides an intense tingling sensation) then C4 Extreme Energy will deliver on both scores. 

Finally, by including nitric oxide enhancing creatine nitrate and AAKG, C4 Extreme Energy ensures greatly improved vascularity which both boosts endurance further while also helping with nutrient and oxygen delivery to your muscles while you are exercising which ensures that not only do you get great performance benefits but you also get a kickstart on post-workout muscle recovery as the ingestion of a post-workout shake will see enhanced results due to the greater ability of the nutrients being delivered to your muscles.