CNP Professional Pro Pane Evo 400g Powder

CNP Professional


Pro Pane Evo takes pre workout formulation to the next level with the use of the revolutionary ingredient Dynamine™. This is combined with Carnosyn™, citrulline malate and arginine at inputs that make a real difference, allowing Pro Pane Evo to deliver an elevated feeling of delivery and effect. Reduces tiredness and fatigue, with 300mg of Natural Caffeine for stimulation Meaningful inputs to deliver real performance based results Added Citrulline (4000mg) and Arginine (2000mg) Added Leucine and Magnesium for normal Protein synthesis The Pro Pane Evo formulation also supports normal muscle function and protein synthesis within the body with Magnesium, while helping to reduce fatigue and support a normal energy-yielding metabolism – i Ideal for users following a specialist t’s time to bring the next generation of