Controlled Labs Brainwash 160g Powder

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Focus. In athletics and life, the difference between winners and losers may come down to one play or one moment, and the victor is the one with that extra something that pushes them through to the finish line. That is where focus comes in, any lapse in attention is a weakness that your opponent will exploit, whether your opponent is man, woman, or a bar of iron in your hands. Cognitive enhancement through supplements, or nootropics as they are known, is an excellent way to sharpen that focus so that it cuts like a knife through fatigue, distraction, and anything that might get in the way of achieving greatness.

Orange Brainwash has been formulated using cutting-edge science to combine molecules that give you clean, long-lasting, razor-sharp focus. Thoroughly researched ingredients like caffeine are combined with Alpha GPC and Bacopa to provide longer lasting benefits. In all, Controlled Labs has designed a nootropic that delivers on all levels, supporting; attention, focus, memory, reaction time, and increased velocity on the neuronal level!