CycloneCup Shaker 20 oz - 568ml

Cyclone Cup



- Features:

- Capacity 20oz – 568ml

- Secure-Lock Cap and Screw-Tight Lid Let You say Goodbye to Leaks or Drips and Prevent Unwanted protein Shake explosions

- Minimizes the Stream of Kinetic Energy for Superior Mining

- Securely keep your Supplement in a Removable Storage Capsule Directly below the cup
- Easy to Read ounce and Millimetre Markings
- Easy Clean Design

- This Cup is made from Non-Tonic and Fully Recyclable Plastic Materials, Durable

- Fits in Most Cup Holders

- Great for Protein Shakes, Supplements, and Meal Replacements, Preparing Omelettes, Pancake mix,