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TnP Accessories Door Chin Up Bar

The TNP Accessories Chin Up Bar chrome doorway pull up bar / chin up bar is made from durable high strength steel and comes with non slip foam padding grips for extra comfort and safety. The chin up bar is suitable for a door frame width between 62cm and 92cm with maximum load upto 100kg. If you are serious about chin ups then this chin up bar is an essential purchase.


•Set up in less than 5 minutes
•Turns any door frame into a workout station
•Great for working the upper body and the abs
•Non slip foam grips for extra comfort
•Ideal for use with gravity boots or inversion boots
•TNP Accessories Chin Up / Sit Up Bar comes with high quality chrome steel
•Not only is the bar perfect for chin ups, its can also be used as a foot anchor for stip-ups and crunches
•Chin-up bar will adjust to fit most standard width door frames
•The bar easily supports upto 100kg of weight when mounted properly
•Comes with all fittings

Color Option: Chrome, White, Black, Blue, Red