GO + Nitrates Gel Multipack


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The world's first nitrate gel to improve energy efficiency during exercise:
• 250 mg nitrate per gel
• Made with real vegetable sources
• Easy to digest and light on the stomach
About SiS GO Gel + Nitrates
The SiS GO Gel + Nitrates is the world’s first gel to contain naturally occurring nitrate stores from a variety of vegetable sources. Easy to digest and light on the stomach, the GO + Nitrate gel is a highly practical way to ensure elevated nitrate stores prior to beginning exercise, a strategy that is increasingly being shown by sport scientists to provide an innovative way to enhance endurance performance.
Why should I take this gel?
Elevating nitrate stores before exercise has been shown to reduce the amount of oxygen required to perform at a given workload, effectively meaning it takes less physical effort to exercise at the same speed or power output. Additionally, elevated nitrate levels can also increase power output, improve race time and delay the onset of fatigue during moderate to high-intensity exercise. As such, the SiS GO Gel + Nitrates represents a truly world leading, innovative and highly practical strategy to make your muscles more efficient, thereby improving your race day performance.