Kinetica Complete 2kg Powder

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Lean Gainers

Combining the key features of our Whey Protein, Lean Gain and 100% Recovery products, Kinetica Complete offers a convenient balance between muscle repair and recovery, muscle development and strength-building. Containing high-quality whey protein enriched with organic virgin coconut oil, Creapure® (99.99% pure creatine monohydrate), a high- and low-GI carbohydrate blend and the digestive enzyme Aminogen®, Kinetica Complete is absorbed quickly into the system, leaving you with just one simple, balanced supplement to cover all your needs. 35g of Biotein™ Xtreme blend per serving, with three forms of protein for muscle growth and repair Whey protein concentrate rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) Whey protein isolate – the purest form of protein, virtually free of fat and lactose Hydrolysed [link to ‘The impact of science’ section] whey protein concentrate for quick absorption Whey protein concentrate enriched with organic virgin coconut oil for improved energy storage and stamina Added amino acids to help every aspect of muscle development Glutamine to replenish your body’s natural supplies – this in-demand amino acid encourages protein synthesis Leucine, which cannot be produced by the body, preserves lean muscle mass and helps you get the maximum benefit from your protein Taurine draws water and additional nutrients into the muscle cells to help growth, and also reduces muscle cramp Tri-carb formula promotes continuous energy release Maltodextrin increasea insulin levels and help deliver amino acids to the muscles quickly, aiding muscle repair, growth and maintenance Low-GI Palatinose™ and oat flour provide energy over a longer period of time, helping weight management and keeping energy levels up Aminogen® boosts lean muscle growth by increasing amino acid levels before and after exercise and improving nitrogen retention Also encourages comfortable protein digestion Creapure® supplies the body with physical and mental energy during exercise, improving performance in by 15% - 30% Serving Size: 3 Scoops (90g) Serving per Container: 22 Amount per Serving: Energy values / Kcal: 355kcals Protein: 31.1g Carbohydrate: 38g of which sugar: 15.7g Fat: 8.7g of which saturates: 6.9g Fibre: 2.8g Sodium: 0.10mg Other Added Active Ingredients L-Glutamine: 5.0g Creapure® (creatine monohydrate): 3g Aminogen® (digestive enzyme): 200.0mg Ingredients: Biotein™ Xtreme (ultra filtered whey protein concentrate enriched with organic virgin coconut oil), carbohydrate blend (maltodextrin, platinose™, oat flour), cocoa powder, l-glutamine, creapure®, natural flavouring, vitamin blend, digestive enzyme, sweetener.