MHP Cre 5 Energy 408g Powder


Creatine Blend

MHP’s CRE5 ENERGY takes creatine to a whole new level of performance enhancing excellence. CRE5 ENERGY’s advanced proprietary super creatine complex [creatine monohydrate, creatine-HCl, Creatine MagnaPower (as magnesium creatine chelate), creatine alpha-ketogluterate and creatine alpha-amino butyrate] is designed for optimal creatine absorption and saturation. Research shows that when athletes saturate their muscles with creatine through supplementation, they experience increased strength, power, muscle cell volumizing and increased muscle mass. CRE5 ENERGY’s superior absorption will allow you to experience the full muscle building, strength, recovery and other performance benefits of creatine supplementation. What makes CRE5 ENERGY even more groundbreaking is its precise composition of novel ingredients bound to creatine that not only enhance creatine absorption, they also offer unique performance enhancing benefits apart from creatine itself. These additional benefits include improved pH regulation and increased blood volume for superior exercise performance, muscle building and pumps. In addition, CRE5 ENERGY provides an immediate boost of energy and alertness with caffeine, theanine and citicoline. This blend of ingredients has been shown to synergistically improve energy, focus, memory and performance and even increase brain ATP levels, thereby allowing you to get a quick boost of energy and sharp focus with your creatine supplement. This energy blast makes CRE5 ENERGY an excellent pre-workout supplement option. Not all creatine is created equal – it’s time to upgrade your creatine to CRE5 ENERGY, MHP’s scientifically supported energizing creatine blend!