MuscleTech 100% Premium Mass Gainer 5.4kg Powder


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MuscleTech 100% Premium Mass Gainer is one of the latest innovations from Team MuscleTech. This power-packed massbuilding formula is an effective way for bodybuilders, strength athletes and hard gainers to get the nutrients and musclebuilding compounds needed to grow bigger and stronger! Not only does 100% Premium Mass Gainer really work, it also comes in delicious, mouth-watering flavours that will leave you wanting more! MuscleTech 100% Premium Mass Gainer (5.4 kg) helps you meet you unique caloric needs by delivering massive amount of calories, including high quality protein and energy-providing carbs in every single serving. It even features essential vitamins, minerals, a complete spectrum of amino acids and a compound shown in scientific studies to help build muscle size and strength - so you know it's going to work! Study Results: Subjects Gained Double the MuscleBuild Mass, Increase Strength & Accelerate RecoveryDesigned to Enhance Nutrient Absorption into MusclesFeatures BCAAs, Essential Minerals, Glutamine & More