PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars 1x65g (New Version)

PhD Nutrition

Protein Bars


Diet Whey Bar is a delicious, on the go protein bar.

The Diet Whey Bar possesses a soft, velvety centre topped with light protein crispies and a caramel layer delivering a soft indulgent texture.

All Diet Whey Bars are coated in chocolate and are available in 5 flavours; Salted Caramel, Choc Peanut Butter, Triple Choc Cookie, Double Choc Brownie & Dark Choc Mocha.

Diet Whey Bar is suitable for both men and women who are seeking a protein hit on the go whilst keeping a close eye on their macros and calorie intake.

Diet Whey Bar is the perfect high protein, low carb snack for those pursuing fat loss or maintenance of a lean physique.

Diet Whey Bars offer 20g quality protein per bar whilst possessing less than 2g carbs and impressively, less than 199 calories.

In addition to its exceptional macro profile and taste, Diet Whey Bar also contains 9.6g Fibre which will keep you fuller, for longer. This delivers feelings of satiety which can prove vital when on a calorie controlled nutrition plan.

To accompany this, Diet Whey Bar contains L-Carnitine which supports fat loss and aids the maintenance of a lean physique too.

Diet Whey Bar is to be used when you’re out & about, on the go.

It is mostly used in between meals to bridge the gaps between breakfast and lunch or lunch and your evening meal.