PhD Nutrition Smart Bundle Deal

PhD Nutrition


PHD Nutrition Smart Bundle The Smart Bundle Contains 1 x 900g Smart Protein 1 x Box of 12 Mixed SmartJacks 1 x Chocolate Peanut Butter Smart Nut Butter Smart Protein™ (Choose your flavour) Smart Protein™ is suitable for both men and women who want to increase their protein intake whilst thoroughly enjoying doing so. Whether you’re an experienced gym user or just want to consume more protein through delicious recipes, Smart Protein™ is for you. Smart Protein™ is available in 4 awesome tasting flavour options and is also suitable for vegetarians. SmartJack™ (Sold as a box of 12 with Mixed flavours in the bundle) SmartJack™ is the intelligent way to get your heart-healthy oats and multi-functional protein, both helping to deliver on your gym and energy goals, with fewer than 230 calories. If you are looking for a great tasting on the go protein and energy source that fits within your daily macro goals, then make the Smart Choice and choose SmartJack™. Smart Nut Butter (Sold in Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour only in the bundle) An indulgent mix of delicious crunchy spread and your favourite high protein, low sugar bar. We all love nut butter, right? Delicious, indulgent, it’s a thing that high protein, low sugar dreams are made of. It’s versatility is almost unsurpassed, you can spread it, pop it on top of high protein waffles or pancakes, layer it on top of delicious, high energy granola, or you can just dunk your spoon into the tub and eat it straight from the jar! Alongside nut butters, we all love the delicious, indulgent, high protein, low sugar Smart Bar™ as well. Macro-friendly but with an amazing confectionary-like taste and texture, all wrapped up in a crispy shell and caramel layer. But did you ever dream you’d be able to find both together in one delicious 500 gram jar of protein snacking madness? It’s truly a thing of beauty.