PrimaForce L-Leucine 250g Unflavoured Powder



PrimaForce® L-Leucine supports muscle protein synthesis and enhances strength performance. L-Leucine is one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and plays a vital role in supporting muscular health. It is a building block for muscle protein development so can effectively stimulate muscle growth. 

At various doses, L-Leucine supplements have been reported to also help build lean muscle, which can increase metabolism, help burn fat, support weight management, and improve overall health and performance.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Lab-tested for potency and purity. We use only pharmaceutical-grade, clinically-tested ingredients that are backed by the latest research and development.
SUPPORTS MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: Serves as a building block for muscle protein development, preserves muscle mass, and reduces muscle damage.
AIDS STRENGTH PERFORMANCE: Improves power output, enables longer exercise duration, and reduces rate of perceived exhaustion.

PrimaForce® L-Leucine Powder comes in a 250-gram container.