Pro Elite Pure Protein IGF-1 2.25kg Powder


Pro Elite


Pure Protein IGF-1 provides an excellent source of protein which the body can use to build and repair muscle tissue and prevent unwanted muscle breakdown during intense physical activity and/or dieting. scientifically engineered formula is a must for any athlete, body-builder or individual following a low-carbohyrate diet wishing to achieve his/her optimum goal much faster. Pure Protein IGF-1 is a great tasting shake and mixes easily. Protein is the structural core of the human body and is at work in every single cell. Protein performs many essential functions in the body. It is required for growth and repair or tissues and aids in the transportation of nutrients, oxygen and nitrogen. The Quality of a protein is determined by its amino acid profile. Nature's best protein sources, such as milk and high quality soy, combine essential and nonessential amino acids in the perfect ration for maximum absorption and assimilation.