PSN Pea Protein 5kg Powder


Pure Source Nutrition


Pure Source Nutrition 100% Pure Pea Protein
Pure Source Nutrition Pea Protein Isolate is a natural vegetable based protein which offers an excellent nutritional and amino acid profile. Completely free of gluten, lactose, cholesterol and other anti-nutritional factors, this is a great source of protein for those with certain food intolerances.

Pure Pea Protein Isolate
Free from any Animal Product
Low in Fat + Carbohydrates
Free from Genetically Modified Materials
A Source of High Quality Vegetable Protein
Some vegan and vegetarian diets can be low in protein, and the protein can be of a low biological value. Pure Source Nutrition Pea Protein allows you to get pure protein with a high biological value, without the need for animal products.

Pure Source Nutrition Pea Protein is a low fat, low sugar powder isolated from peas, contains No Animal Products and No Cholestrerol.

Pea Protein contains all of the essential, non-essential and branched chain amino acids. Vegetables can be very high in protein but tend to be limited in certain essential amino acids. Pea protein is unusual in having a good balance of amino acids, similar to that of animal proteins.

The protein requirements of athletes is approximately 1.2-1.8g/kg body weight, compared with 0.8-0.9g/kg body weight for less active individuals. For heavy athletes this extra requirements is especially important. Muscle mass is increased by the rate of anabolism (growth), and decreased by the rate of catabolism (breakdown) during exercise.

Pea protein is not associated with fat or cholesterol, as is the case with many animal based proteins. Pea protein has one of the highest Lysine contents of all vegetable protein - this amino acid is important in maintaining lean muscle mass. It also has the highest content of Arginine of all commercially available proteins.