Reflex Nutrition Muscle Bomb 600g

Reflex Nutrition


Do you know of another pre-workout product that delivers such dosages? Muscle Bomb®, Reflex Nutritions best pre workout supplement ever sets new industry standards. Nothing comes close, not even remotely!! It delivers mega doses in line with double blind scientific studies. We recommend that you work up to these double serving levels by getting used to the single serving. • Muscle Bomb®, it’s a logical formula supported by science • Contains a truly HUGE 25,400mg of active ingredients (per 30g double serving) • Key Ingredients: • 1, 2 & 3 - iBCAA 7,000mg • 4 - Citruline malate 8,000mg • 5 - Beta-alanine 3,200mg • 6 - L-Carnitine tartrate 2,000mg • 7 - Betaine 2,500mg • No added sugars