Reflex Nutrition Vegan Protein Build 2.7kg Powder

Reflex Nutrition

Vegan Protein

Build is a protein and carbohydrate formulation for those seeking a plant based product that also has vegan credentials. It may be suitable for anyone looking for a non-dairy source of protein combined with carbohydrate. The protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass is sourced from high quality pea protein which comes from a French yellow pea crop that is highly sustainable, environmentally friendly and GMO free. It is grown without the use of nitrogen fertiliser and produced using a unique water filtration process thereby avoiding the use of either chemicals or alcohols. Pea protein is an excellent source of protein as it has a complete amino acid profile, is rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), high in Arginine and has a digestibility rating of 98%. Build provides an equal ratio of 54g protein and carbohydrate with around 500kcals per serving depending on flavour. Ideal for those seeking a plant based product that also has vegan credentials, it combines a great tasting flavour and smooth texture that might well challenge your expectations. WHO IS IT FOR? Build is suitable for men and women who regularly exercise and want to contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass by using a supplementary source of protein and carbohydrates. Whether you’re vegan looking for the perfect protein, you’re conscious about the environment and the production of your protein, or wish to avoid dairy, Build might be the perfect product for you. Build is suitable for vegans and vegetarians but is not suitable for coeliacs. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? A clean and environmentally friendly source of protein Sweetened with natural steviol glycosides A far less grainy texture and far better taste profile than normally associated with pea Added friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes HOW IS IT MADE? Build is made through an environmentally friendly process where pure protein is extracted from European peas using just water. The pea protein is then manufactured using completely renewable energy sources in our state of the art factory in Sussex UK. Reflex operates to strict ISO9001 quality control procedures and every batch is tested to ensure it meets protein claims. HOW DOES IT TASTE? Sweetened with natural steviol glycosides, which is a plant-based rather than artificial sweeteners, sugar or syrups, Build tastes natural and balanced and comes in two flavours: Cocoa Vanilla THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT Peas are a fantastic source of protein that make a highly digestible shake with a protein content which is just as good as animal protein sources. In fact, pea protein contains more BCAA’s than egg white protein, almost double the amount of amino acid arginine to whey, and higher amounts of amino acid glutamine than both egg white and whey protein. Build is sweetened not with artificial sweeteners or sugars but natural plant-based stevia, which is harnessed by steeping the stevia in water and purifying it to provide a calorie-free natural sweet flavour. To complete the product, vegan Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex and LactoSpore® friendly bacteria are added. ANYTHING ELSE? Available in 2.727Kg tubs, with 20 servings.