REGO Fruitflow Gel Multipack


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The world's first Fruitflow® protein recovery gel:
•The world's first Fruitflow® recovery protein gel containing natural Fruitflow®
• Fruitflow® is a clinically proven tomato extract which helps reduce over-stimulation of blood platelets
• Reduces unnecessary total body inflammation during strenuous exercise, shortening recovery times
• Designed to help you recover quicker when consumed before exercise
About SiS REGO + Fruitflow Gels
The product is intended for healthy individuals who undertake periods of intense exercise (typically >60% VO2 max) as part of their training or race day schedule.
This product was developed to give your body a helping hand to cope with the additional stress of strenuous exercise. Unlike high calorie protein and carbohydrate replenishment products which you consume after exercise to aid recovery and rebuild muscle this product aims to reduce unnecessary total body inflammation during strenuous exercise.
The product contains Fruitflow® which is a tomato extract containing naturally occurring tomato compounds which can beneficially interact with blood platelets. Supported by human clinical trials Fruitflow® is the first natural ingredient with a scientifically approved health claim to contribute to healthy blood flow.
Why should I take this gel?
SiS REGO + Fruitflow® protein gel will help reduce over-stimulation of blood platelets during intense exercise, reducing inflammation, which in turn can shorten recovery times.
Why is reducing over-stimulation important?
In order to improve you need to train hard. The frequency and quality of your training is reliant on how quickly you can recover from the damage and inflammation caused by training and competing. Shorter recovery times mean that you can train harder or compete faster next time.