Ronnie Coleman MYO Blitz 240g Powder

Ronnie Coleman


Myo Blitz XS™ is a pre-training muscle builder; when Ronnie Coleman first created Myo Blitz, his intention was to create an effective product that delivered a powerful, solid energy boost without the ‘jitters’ that are sometimes associated with pre-workout formulae. Positive feedback regarding the performance aspect of Myo Blitz was received, but there was still room for improvement in terms of its energy impact. Myo Blitz XS™ is a new, improved version of its original counterpart, containing an additional seven, introductory ingredients, as well as the primary counterparts, creating a total of eighteen active ingredients to deliver even more potency! Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Myo-Blitz XS™ has been engineered to maximise energy and focus, minus the vaso-constricting compounds that can negate those all essential muscle pumps that help build muscle and strength.