Sci-Mx Nutrition Filled Cookie 12x75g

Sci-Mx Nutrition

Protein Cookies

If you're looking for a sizable healthy snack to fit into your busy lifestyle or a foodie conscious about clean eating, then why not choose our delicious SCI-MX Filled Cookie! Available in 75g For tasty treat to support gym gains & KEEP hunger at bay there's no compromising on flavour whilst supporting your best efforts after a heavy gym session. With a delicious soft centre blended into real flavour and high quality protein you wont be disappointed with our delicious cookies.

Packed full of flavour our cookies are not to be missed. Chocolate & Hazelnut soft centered cookies. These small rounds are perfect for on-the-go, relaxing with a cup of tea or post workout when you’re in need of recovery fuel fast.

Performance based? Always training hard and in need of something quick? We know the feeling. Our cookies are highly snack-able whilst on the go. Stuff in your pocket, gym bag or glove box. Everyone from Cross Fitter's & gym enthusiasts to runners and yogis love our tasty cookies.

We all get cravings for something sweet. 11’s, afternoon snack, post dinner treat?! Why compromise on well-deserved snacks when you can make sweet choices that are healthier for you. Opt for our low sugar protein cookie alternative.

Premium quality protein goes into each and every bite of our SCI-MX cookies. Ideal to aid muscle recovery & growth our fast acting protein gets to work quickly. Along with keeping you fuller for longer they're an easy way to increase your daily protein intake when you need it the most.