Sci-Mx Nutrition High Protein Shake RTD 6x500ml

Sci-Mx Nutrition

RTD's (Ready To Drink)

Want a delicious hit of protein, and fast? With limited time on your hands and nutrition at the forefront of your mind, why not pick up a bottle of our high-protein SCI-MX MILKSHAKE. Available in Chocolate & Strawberry flavour, it delivers a smooth, classic milkshake taste and texture providing a seriously satisfying way to get a hit of protein, wherever, whenever!

Unlike regular milkshakes, this one has impressive macros designed to support muscle growth and maintenance. In a 310ml, or 500ml bottle and you get either 22g or 35g of protein to help secure those gains, keep energy levels on point and without all the fat and added sugar you get from others on the market!


If you’re looking for an on-the-go shake that doesn’t involve messing around with protein powders, you needn’t look beyond our protein shakes. Train hard? Care about your nutrition and protein intake? That’s why we’ve added a generous serving of protein to keep you on track.

Available in Chocolate & Strawberry flavour, our delicious milkshakes are ideal for anyone looking for a high protein, low fat, no added sugar top up during the day.


By using milk protein, you have the benefits from casein and whey, making it a must buy whenever you need muscle support. You could use it in replacement to your standard milk, as a mid-morning/afternoon snack, pre/post training or alongside a main meal.

Our fuss-free, carry-anywhere protein milkshake was made for active people looking for an easy way to get their protein fix.