Sci-Mx Nutrition Ultra Plant Protein 2.2kg

Sci-Mx Nutrition

Vegan Protein

Ultimate Plant Protein - Ultra Plant is the new benchmark in plant protein!

Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste, texture and quality when choosing a plant-based protein – and with Ultra Plant you don’t have to!

Formulated as a genuine alternative to whey protein in taste, texture, mixability, digestibility and formula. Our carefully balanced blend of non-GMO proteins includes hydrolysed pea protein, pea protein isolate and rice protein to deliver a delicious 34g of protein per serving.

Available in chocolate hazelnut or salted caramel peanut flavours, this shake doesn’t just ‘do good’ it tastes good too. Developed with taste and quality in equal measure, you’ll be surprised by how we’re changing the vegan shake game with this truly indulgent blend.

Naturally high in BCAA’s and with added Aquamin™ seawater magnesium, zinc, vitamins B12 and B6 our Ultra Plant protein powder is ideal for bridging the nutritional needs of a hard training vegan or vegetarian on a plant-based diet, or for those who cannot consume dairy or lactose.

Ultra Plant is ideal as a post-workout shake with its unique fast-digesting formula. You can enjoy it after a gym session, run, ride or first thing in the morning, or any time you need to get a fast-absorbing plant protein fix.

The key to our fast-digesting formula is hydrolysed pea protein. Hydrolysation of proteins breaks them down into smaller segments, making them easier and therefore faster to digest and absorb. This is particularly useful in plant proteins which are amongst the slowest digesting proteins.