Sci-Mx Nutrition Ultra Whey Protein 2.2kg Powder

Sci-Mx Nutrition

Whey Protein

Ultra Whey is our flagship protein shake. It is one of the most popular proteins in the UK, used by thousands of gym goers, runners, heavy lifters and sports players. Stocked in supermarkets, online and across the globe. There’s a reason so many people are choosing it as their preferred protein shake.

Available in 3 delicious flavours, Ultra Whey was designed to prove that super high quality protein could also taste amazing whilst seamlessly fitting into a busy, active lifestyle.

Ultra Whey has 3 sources of whey protein – concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate – is ideal for post workout or any time you need rapidly absorbed high quality proteins.

Ultra Whey uses micro filtered, cold processed whey proteins, but what does this mean? Whey protein is usually processed with heat. Heat can damage the amino acids and make the whey quite acidic. Cold processing retains the quality and the flavour which is one of the reasons Ultra Whey is so popular.

With a superior amino acid profile, whilst being low in carbs & fats, this blend is ideal for anyone looking to maximise their performance and recovery.