Scivation Xtend GO 438g Powder


Intra Workouts

Scivation XTEND GO™ is the perfect BCAA solution for weight-training enthusiasts, serious bodybuilders and avid powerlifters who are looking for a formula to complement their regime. Designed for intra-workout consumption, but highly functional both before and after training, XTEND GO™ is the go-to supplement to promote focus and energy whilst concurrently supplying hypercritical branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle growth and recovery. XTEND GO™ contains 7g of BCAAs – in the nature-designed and widely researched 2:1:1 ratio – along with glutamine and citrulline malate. Additionally, the Scivation XTEND GO™ Nucleus contains a combination of caffeine, l-theanine, and Sceletium tortuosum for productive intensity, pinpoint focus and constructive energy. Plus, with hydration-promoting electrolytes, XTEND GO™ is the delicious, refreshing, sugar-free way to help anyone grind through a tough morning, a brutal workday or a gruelling gym session. Product Highlights Formulated with the essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle growth. Ideal to enhance stamina levels during intense workouts or any time you require energy. Delivers the necessary nutritional profile to aid recovery and replenishment. Use Scivation XTEND GO™ to squeeze the most out of your next workout and everything you do. Never stop. GO™!