Smartshake Shaker 400ml



This is the world’s smartest shaker with 3 storage compartments. The benefit with SmartShake is the high quality and ability to carry round three protein shakes or a mixture of protein shakes, pre/post workout drinks etc all in one unit. It’s much more convenient than carrying the alternative: Three individual shakers, or worse, three tubs of your supplements. SmartShake is a revolutionary new shaker, with built in storage compartments where you can contain servings of nutritional supplements such as protein powder, creatine, vitamins, capsules, pre and post workout products. With SmartSmake, you don't need to bring bags with servings, everything can be stored in your shaker. SmartShake has anti-leak technology, is suitable for hot and cold drinks. SmartShake has detatchable pill compartments and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C and thus can be used in a dishwasher or be cleaned with hot liquid. SmartShake comes in a variety of attractive colours, and can store up to 400mls of liquid.