Sparta Nutrition BCAA 270g Powder

Sparta Nutrition


Spartan BCAA: Research-Backed BCAA & EAA Intra-Workout. Spartan BCAA is the newest innovation in amino acid supplementation. Today, the hot topic is all about BCAA vs full-spectrum EAAs. With Spartan BCAA, you get both, and will never need to worry about which side of the fence to support. Spartan BCAA is the first ever amino acid product to offer the patented Amino9™ Essential Amino Acid mix. You wouldn’t settle for less than the best in your training program, so why settle for less than the best from your training supplements? As the building blocks of proteins and thus muscle building, amino acids are a crucial component of your program. Spartan BCAA offers: Proven 2:1 BCAA Ratio A complete EAA profile, with 3 grams of EAAs Ultimate taste, as Sparta Nutrition customers have come to expect! Spartan BCAA was designed to be the ultimate amino acid supplement. Unrivaled Taste. Spartan BCAA is unlike any amino acid you've ever tasted. Why limit yourself to an average tasting amino drink? Not only is the overall taste unrivaled, but Spartan BCAA brings flavors that have never before been attempted. The biggest reason why other companies are afraid to use EAAs is that they aren't skilled nor experienced enough to mask the taste. But we've got that covered. Spartan BCAA has something that will appeal to every athlete across every sport. No matter what you prefer, Spartan BCAA has a taste specifically designed to curb your sweet tooth and provide you with a full spectrum of Essential Amino Acids -- which include the beloved Branched Chain Amino Acids: Watermelon Peach Mango Gum Drop Lemon Drop ...but don't be surprised if you find more flavors on this page over time! Get What You Pay For. You should never have to worry whether or not you got what you paid for. On each label, you'll see that Spartan BCAA provides a serious total of eight grams of aminos. This is to ensure your hard-earned dollars get you the best quality amino acids available. With numerous companies being outed for “amino spiking” over the years, sticking with Sparta Nutrition means that you will never have to worry about being lied to ever again. Spartan BCAA gives you everything you could ever want from an amino acid product, including honesty! The Benefit of BCAAs and EAAs Athletes are often conflicted about which types of protein should be consumed and at what times… Good news –– the data suggests that a full spectrum of amino acids is necessary for optimal muscle tissue repair and building. Yes, the three BCAAs will provide a spike in muscle protein synthesis (MPS), but if the body doesn’t have the building blocks it needs to actually repair the muscle tissue, then the MPS spike will ultimately do nothing for muscle growth. Remember, the nine essential aminos are called "essential" for a reason - you must get them in via diet or supplementation since your body cannot synthesize them itself! A full spectrum protein profile will promote an anabolic environment for a longer period of time, as increased protein in the body will prolong the muscle protein synthesis effect. If we do not have protein in our system to spike muscle protein synthesis (MPS), we lose out on possible gains and muscle building effects.