Stacker2 Europe Ultra Mass Xtreme 4kg Powder


Weight Gainers

Ultra Mass Xtreme
Ultra Mass Xtreme is the weight gainer that gives you the most bang for your buck. A calorie bomb to build your body in record time. Stacker2 Europe has two gainers in its product range. GIANT Mass Gainer was developed for the advanced athlete, while Ultra Mass Xtreme is developed for the beginning strength athlete who is looking for a top product for a reasonable price to build muscle mass for a full month. We consider Ultra Mass Xtreme to be the weight gainer with the best price/quality ratio because you can bulk up for an entire month for less than one EUR per day!

No matter how much heavy training you put in at the gym, without the right nutrition you will not see your desired results. You need to eat to build your body – and to build it extremely fast you need a high-dose weight gainer to supplement the essential proteins and carbohydrates. Ultra Mass Xtreme gives your body exactly what it needs to achieve your goals.

The benefits of Ultra Mass Xtreme
  • Build your body for 30 days for less than EUR 1.00 per day!
  • High in calories, low in fat
  • The right way to grow additional muscle mass quickly
  • Only proteins of the highest biological value
  • Successor to the award-winning Ultra Mass formula
High-quality protein sources
Ultra Mass Xtreme only contains proteins with a high biological value, no wheat or soy proteins. Ultra Mass Xtreme contains whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate for rapid absorption. What’s more, this formula also contains a protein with slow-release delivery to your muscles: micellar casein.

You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else!
Ultra Mass Xtreme is a reliable and safe weight gainer for the beginning strength trainer. It does what it promises for the best possible price. Everything that makes a weight gainer strong is in Ultra Mass Xtreme and everything you don’t need yet was left out. Ultra Mass Xtreme contains absolutely no ingredients that don’t belong in a mass gainer for beginning strength athletes, so no additional creatine, no caffeine, no hormones and no aspartame. Ultra Mass is safe to use every day, 365 days a year. If you want to give your body the very best mass gainer: choose Ultra Mass Xtreme.