TnP Accessories 1" Standard Weight Plate Tree - XQR0101

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Weight Plate Storage


TnP Accessories 1 Inch Weight Plate Tree

TnP Accessories 1 Inch Weight Plate Holder is a great way to get weight lifting plates off the floor and onto five pegs for convenient, compact free weight storage.

Offering plenty of space for Standard weight plates that are 1” in diameter, this sleek and stylish stand is adjustable for added convenience. It also has space for your barbell bar, so you can keep all your weight-training kit safe and easily accessible. Not having to constantly bend down to pick up weights also reduces strain on your back, minimizing the risk of injury. 

Strengthen and tone your muscles with biceps curls, chest presses, barbell rows and squats. Regular weight training is a fantastic way to create spectacular muscle definition, as well as promote strength, power and endurance. Over time it will also help with weight loss, replacing fat with lean muscle mass, giving you the well–toned physique you deserve!   


  • Designed for Standard 1” Barbell Weights 
  • Solid Machines Steel Construction 
  • Angled Design Prevents Weights from Falling 
  • 5 Standard 1” Plate Holders 
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400kg 


  • Height: 89cm 
  • Length: 63.5cm 
  • Width: 45.5cm 
  • Side Post Length: 15cm 
  • Bottom Post Length: 18.5cm