TnP Accessories 2" Olympic Curl Bar + 2 Spring Collars

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TNP Accessories:

CURL EZ BAR – 2" – 4' Bar (1200X50mm) 

Barbell are used in weight training, which are popular with people who want to build their biceps, chest, shoulders, back, and forearms. Our pair of barbell bar and spring lock collars grips ensure weight plates are held firmly in place, these 2 collars prevent the weight plates from sliding or falling of the barbell. Spring lock collars provide a quick release while still more that capable of holding weight plates in place, enabling you to maximize your workout.

Curl Barbell Bar Feature:

Brand new weight lifting curling barbell bar Ideal for use in home, gym or for professionals, light commercial use etc. Great for muscle exercise, bone health, muscularity building etc. Especially for upper body exercise to improve snatch and jerk skills High grade metal construction, coated with anti-rust chrome finish Body with 2 inch diameter grips. Specially curled design with angled grips reduces wrists and elbows pressure A pair of free spring locks for secure mount Knurled sections with medium depth for more secured grip Smooth swiveling sleeves that prevent warping or deformation.


High quality solid chrome finish barbell bar

2x1" solid chrome spring lock collars

Knurled grip with fixed inner collars

Weights are covered with a durable, floor friendly plastic covering