TnP Accessories Adjustable Squat Rack - Black/Red

TnP Accessories

Squat Racks

There are 12 adjustable levels for J-hooks to accommodate different heights.
Adjustable levels include a security spring lock, butterfly nuts, and screws to ensure double security.
There are 8 adjustable levels on the outer stand to accommodate different bench press heights.
Silicone padding on the bench hooks for bar support.
Anti-slip grip on dip station provide extra support.
Weight plate stand to store multiple sizes of weight plates and save space.
Enhanced frame provides extra support and stability. 
Safety Design: Rubber end caps that protect yourself and your floor from scratching.

Squat - Workout your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quadriceps, abdominal and oblique muscles (Legs and Abs)
Bench Press - Workout your pectoralus major, tricep brachii, front and rear deltoid muscles (Chest, Arms and Shoulders)

Max Load: 550lbs / 250kg