TnP Accessories 1" Standard Cast Iron Barbell Set

TnP Accessories

1" Cast Iron Barbell Sets


TNP Accessories 1 Inch Barbell Sets

The TNP Accessories Tri-Grip Weight Plates have an easy tri-grip design that allow for a quick change over when adjusting weights. The weight plates will fit onto any Olympic Bar, Machine or Attachment

A superb set of cast-iron discs and chromed solid steel bar with spinlock threaded ends and chromed metal collars. The plate range is calculated to give you weight increment adjustment different combinations.


2 x 5Kg + 2 x 2.5Kg Weight Discs (15 kg) + 7ft Bar of 9.8 Kg with collars = 25 Kg  
2 x 5Kg + 4 x 2.5Kg Weight Discs (20kg) + 7ft Bar of 9.8Kg with collars = 30 Kg

4 x 5Kg + 4 x 2.5 Weight Discs (30 kg) + 7ft Bar of 9.8 Kg with collars = 40 Kg


Cast iron, black paint finish, 1” clearance center hole 1 x 7ft Barbell Bar & Collars (9.8 kg) solid steel, 1” diameter, chromed & knurled, spin-lock with 2 chromed metal spin-lock collars.

The plates are of a high and durable quality.