TnP Accessories Fold-able Sit Up Bench Boxing Ball XQBX-20

TnP Accessories

Sit Up Benches


The TnP Accessories sit up bench is the ideal solution for affordable, efficient and user-friendly home training
Its main focus is the classic sit up exercise and features a 4-stage difficulty level that can be adjusted to individual ability
With both comfortable,padded grip options you can widen your range of exercises to include different muscle groups such as legs and arms.Spring speed ball could exercise your coordinationand reaction velocity;you can also put the low end on a chair,so that it becomes a flat bench
The exercise bench provides a comfortable, padded surface that offers just the right amount of resistance.The surface is made out of PVC leather and is very easy to clean,durable and dries quickly
The TnP Accessories training bench is quick and simple to dismantle and store away - for example underneath a bed


  • Ideal for your power training exercising at your home or in the gym
  • Efficient training bench for universal home exercising with a focus on stomach muscles
  • 4-way height adjustable,customizable frame for different difficulties,body types and exercises
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle-space saving design
  • Max load:200 kg/440 lbs


  • Universal training bench with sturdy,stable steel frame
  • Padded,easy to clean/dry PVC leather surface
  • Skin-friendly,high-density plastic surface padding-3.5cm radius
  • Non-slip plastic feet.Suitable for a range of exercises


  • Size:123 x 30.5 x 65cm/48 x 11.9 x 25.4 inch
  • Each Seat Size:50.5x28x4.5cm/19.7x11x1.8inch
  • Ball Diameter: 16cm/6.2inch
  • Height:Minimum 7cm/18.3inch,Maximum 5 cm/25.4inch(Without Ball)

Package content:

1 x Bench,1 x Speed Ball, 2 x Dumbbells Set,1 x Pump, 1 x Pair of Resistance Tube