TnP Accessories Slimmer Belt

TnP Accessories

Slimmer Belt


TNP Accessories Advance Neoprene Slimmer Belt

TNP Accessories Advance Soft Neoprene Sauna Slimming Belt is excellent for flattening abdominal muscles, provides back support, burns extra calories during workouts and reduces excess water.

Simply by wearing this around your abdominal will help to create a Sauna atmosphere which will help to burn fat.

You can Simply wear it under your clothes without being noticed in your daily life.

It can also be used for general fitness training by wearing it during your workouts, walking, running or training which will help to burn extra calories.

This will help to get slim and tone up your waist line or abs.

Tried and Tested by thousands, it really works and helps to tone your abdominal area and aid your weight loss.

Size: 100cm x 20cm x .5m