TnP Accessories Spiky Massage Roller 3 Balls - MAS4 Pink/Grey

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TnP Accessories Massage Roller Stick

What Is Massage Roller Stick?

Extremely useful self-massage tool that is specifically designed for stimulating trigger points.

Helps to reduce muscle knots, tightness and pain.

Use before and after exercise to increase the circulation, warm the muscles and improve muscle recovery.

Can be used effectively all over the body including Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves, Achilles, Iliotibial Band, Neck, Shoulders and Arm.

Easy to transport and store making it ideal for travelling and using on the go.


When can I use the Trigger Point Massage Stick

The TnP Trigger Point Massage Stick can be used any time - after a hard day in the office or pre/post exercise, we guarantee you will be amazed by the number of health related benefits this small and simple instrument has to offer:

Increase circulation

Reduce muscle soreness

Alleviate muscle pain

Ease muscle ache 

How does the Trigger Point Massage Stick work?

The TnP Massage Stick works by targeting trigger points throughout the body, this versatile piece of equipment is easy-to-use leaving you feeling relaxed and stress-free. The independent massage rollers manipulate the muscle fascia to provide effective self-massage while easing the joint related pressure in your fingers, hands, wrist and elbow. This complete therapeutic tool is suitable for use on:

Quadriceps and Hamstrings

Calves and Achilles

Iliotibial Band

Neck, Shoulders and Arm 


  • MAS4: 3 spiky balls 41cm x 6cm [grey/black] 

  • MAS5: long roller with more then 15 rings 50cm x 3cm [black/orange] 

  • MAS3: short roller with 4 rings 45cm x 4cm [black/orange] 

  • MAS2: large roller with 9 rings 50cm x 5cm [black/orange] 

  • MAS1: short roller with 6 rings 42cm x 5cm [black/orange]