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TnP Accessories Solid Frame - Dumbbell Rack Stand Holder

You’ve made the investment. You’ve made the commitment. Now it’s time to look after your gym kit! Having a disorganized training environment can easily get in the way of achieving fitness goals. Not only is clutter de-motivating, but not storing gym equipment properly, can lead to it getting damaged, or worse, you could injure yourself on it!

Sleek, stylish and robust the Solid Frame Dumbbell Rack is the perfect addition to any home gym. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel and coated in a thick layer of high-durability paint, it holds up to 6-pairs of Iron Flex Rubber, Chrome or Cast Hex Dumbbells. Its clever Solid Frame design ensures stability and strength, while the A-shaped base has been coated in rubber to protect your flooring from scratches.

Using free weights is a fantastic way to strengthen and tone the muscles of the upper body including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, rhomboids, pectorals, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. You can also target the core abdominals as well for an even more intense workout! Regular use will not improve your strength and add muscular definition, it can also help with injury prevention, promote healthy weight loss and give added support to cardio health.

Each level is off-set allowing unrestricted access to dumbbells. Place it against a wall or center it in a room. Heavy-gauge steel construction offers maximum durability and better performance in less space. It’s Ready for a workout!

Assembled dimensions 95"H x 64"L x 57"W

Vertical Dumbbell Weights Set Storage Stand Rack Don’t include the dumbbell