1" Standard Vinyl Weight Plate 0.5kg - 10kg - Single Plates

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Vinyl Weight Plates


TnP Accessories Standard 1 Inch Vinyl Weight Plates

The TnP Accessories® Vinly Weight Plates have an easy design that allow for a quick change over when adjusting weights. The weight plates will fit onto any standard 1" Bar.

These plates are of a high and durable quality.

These durable and stylishly crafted Vinyl Weight Plates are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance. The high quality Vinyl design ensures extreme durability and quality.

The TnP Accessories® Vinyl Weight Plates are available in 0.5kg to 10kg providing you with a huge range of weight suitable for beginners to professionals.

Get strong and fit and stay that way with the TnP Accessories® Weight Plates. Barbells and dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used to perform compound movements and isolated movements for any part of the body.

Perfect for weight loss, fitness and muscle building you can build your ideal physique at home, boosting your confidence, mood and your health!

The plates are of a high and durable quality.


•Condition: New

•Colour: Black

•Sizes: 0.5kg

•Suitable For: Home Use or Gym Use

•Fits On: 1" Standard Bar

NOTE: Prices Are Per Single 1" Weight Plate Black