USN Epik Blue Blood 380g Powder




Introducing Blue Blood, the all-new, hard-hitting pre-workout to optimize performance, pump & recovery. Blue Blood is precisely dosed with premium ingredients at maximum dosage for your best workout yet. 

 Blue Blood Pre-Workout is loaded with muscle pump-amplifying ingredients like GlycerPump™, AgmaPure® & 5 g of Citrulline for cell-volumization. This all-in-one powerhouse also includes  for fast-acting, high-impact energy, intense focus & drive. Push your body to its peak with Blue Blood Pre-Workout.

  • GLYCER PUMP: 2000mg, maximizes muscle pump for performance & vascularity.
  • DYNAMINE: 150mg, significantly heightens energy & focus.
  • AGMAPURE®: 500mg, enhances muscle pump & insulin response.
  • ASTRAGIN™: enhances absorption, uptake & efficacy.
  • L-CITRULLINE: 5000mg, contributes to increased GH & NO levels for insane muscle pump.
  • B-ALANINE: 3200mg, boosts performance, endurance & power.
  • BETAINE ANDHYDROUS: 2000mg, increases power output & energy levels.
  • L-TYROSINE: 1000mg, for optimal mental focus.