USN Spike Sugar Free 24 x 250ml Energy Drink - High Caffeine Shots


Energy Drinks


Spike Sugar Free is an energy drink formulated to enhance mental and physical performance by combining effective ingredients that when combined have a positive effect on human physical performance.

Spike has been formulated to enhance mental and physical performance. This effect is accomplished by the combination of caffeine, along with the supportive ingredients guarana and inositol. Research suggests that caffeine has a positive effects on human muscular endurance and mental focus.

Physical exertion lowers the body’s taurine reserves. Additional taurine supplementation may therefore support fatigue resistance by replenishing the body’s taurine supply. Added B vitamins further support the energetic mechanisms of the body.

Key Benefits:

• Enhances mental focus and muscular performance

• Sugar free energy booster

• Supported by taurine and inositol

• With added B vitamins to support the body’s metabolism

Serving Size: 1 Can (250ml)

Servings Per Container: 24