USP Labs Pink Magic Platinum 120 Capsules



Endurance & Energy


USPLabs have long been known for creating formulas which utilise ingredients which have a long history of traditional use, but lack proper scientific studies, especially human studies which support its suggested properties. Pink Magic Platinum is no different and incorporates a range of traditional medicines and herbs, which all have some studies to suggest its effectiveness to perform its promoted function, many of which however are either animal or in vitro studies. But, hundred or thousands of years of historical use can’t be the worst indicator of effectiveness. Regardless, Pink Magic Platinum is one of the more novel test boosters to come out in awhile and is worthy of a try just for its celebrated legacy.

USP Labs Pink Magic Platinum provides advaced hormone and libido support, and features Spilantest. Pink Magic Platinum is an herbal supplement for a full 30 day cycle.

Ultimate T and Libido Elite Complex has some promising ingredients. Lepidium Yemeni is another name for maca, which does have human research showing it improves sexual desire.
Another study showed it improved libido and sexual dysfunction induced by selective-serotonin reuptake inhibition.
What’s more, Spilanthes Acmella was shown to increase luteinizing hormone and testosterone in male rats, and Asteracantha Longfolia is shown to increase sexual behavior in male rats.

What’s The Difference Between Pink Magic and Pink Magic Platinum?

Pink Magic Platinum has a lot more ingredients than the original. The first iteration of Pink Magic consisted of just a few similarly obscure ingredients─ massularia acuminate, nelumbo nucifera, and rhamnus nakaharai.