VIT HIT Revive 1x500ml


RTD's (Ready To Drink)


Shhhh… Hear that ringing in your ears? Either you were air guitaring to glam rock power ballads again, or your poor body is desperately screaming “no mas por favor”. It wants a VITHIT recharge. So, screw off the cap, drink in the awesomeness and stick your finger into the plug socket of life. It’s time to enjoy a delicious low-calorie blend of citrus juice, water, ginseng and white tea.

REVIVE is a delicious blend of citrus fruits that was created for those who want to give a lift to their day, without having a sugar crash. This blend of citrus fruits, fused with vitamins, water and 300 mgs of white tea, is the perfect elixir to start your day. Additionally, REVIVE contains 5.6 mgs of caffeine per bottle from the natural teas we use. For comparison, there is 55 mgs of caffeine in an average cup of English tea.

Ingredients may vary depending on region. More information can be found on your bottle!