Vitargo + Electrolyte 2kg & 5kg



Vitargo is a unique, patented starch carbohydrate, with zero sugars. Vitargo is a large, complex carbohydrate with low osmolality (osmalality is a measure of the number of particles dissolved in a solution - the larger the molecules the lower the osmalaiity).

The size of a carbohydrate, or its osmality, does not define its speed and performance after consumption. These are physical measures that do not translate to metabolic effects. Other large, starch-based carbohydrates (waxy maize starch), or modified waxy maize starch (highly branched cyclis dextrin) have low osmolality yet show very different effects after consuption compared to Vitargo. Vitargo has been the subject of numerous university studies, comparing it to other carbohydrates, in male and female athletes.

Vitargo Electrolyte is designed for use before or during intense exercise or competition, and can be consumed at up to 3350 kj/800 kcal per hour, depending on the intensity and duration of training or competition and your individual sweat rate (influenced by the ambient conditions). To adjust your intake of carbohydrates while using Vitargo + Electrolyte you can also add Vitargo Pure (unsweetened and unflavoured) or Vitargo Carbloader (flavoured and sweetened) versions, which will add Vitargo carbohydrate without additional electrolytes. Vitargo + Electrolytes can also be mixed with pre-workout powders, additional electolyte powders or tablets, protein, amino acid blends). Because hydration is a critical factor in prolonged training or competition, and carbohydrate loading increases body glycogen and water inside the muscles, use Vitargo Pure, or Vitargo Carbloader throughout a 2-3 day period prior to competition, to increase glycogen stores.